Soul Symphony Choir’s 3rd Annual Choir Festival

HCGC was invited by Soul Symphony Choir to take part in their 3rd annual Choir Festival alongside B.I.G Choir (BBC Choir of the Year finalist); Croydon Church Choir (debut); Work in Progress (female quartet); Achim Mime Group (Hyland SDA Primary School), and others. IMG-20190605-WA0009
All funds raised will go to Legacy, Croydon Youth Zone – which will be a purpose-built facility providing a safe environment where young people can enjoy themselves, be enabled to raise their aspirations and boost their confidence, etc.
A very special evening of inspirational music and dance shared with warm-heated, like-minded people.
It was a pleasure to have taken part in raising funds which will help to make a positive difference in the lives of youths in the community.
Dare we look forward to a third outing with Soul Symphony Choir at their next annual choir festival
Dorrel Janger

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