WINDRUSH DAY – Saturday, 22 June 2019

A selected group of people from diverse backgrounds were brought together by our choir director, Cecelia Wickham-Anderson, to form the Windrush Community Choir. We celebrated the first Windrush Day singing at the National Maritime Museum. It was a privilege to have taken part.

As one of the Windrush generation the occasion made me think back to when I first Windrush-Day-2019arrived in England. I remembered the prejudice and abuse encountered over the years.

Though that generation came here at the invitation of the British government, nothing was made easy and obstacles were placed in their way at every opportunity. Life was hard but they stood together, supported each other and overcame the challenges.

I was fortunate enough to have taken all the appropriate steps to obtain naturalisation and a British passport.

It pains and angers me to see the children of the Windrush generation being treated so unfairly by the government who invited their parents to Britain to help rebuild the ‘mother country’.

Windrush Day was bittersweet . We have been given it as a distraction. We must use it to our benefit. So, looking forward to the next one – less bitter and more sweet.

Dorrel Janger

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